elmoezstreet_Sabeel Abdul Rahman Katakhda

Sabeel Abdul Rahman Katakhda

Located in goats Street facade overlooking the South Palace Bashtak , due to created in 1744 and established the Grand Prince Abdulrahman Katakhda , and consists of a room Zbel to provide passers-by with water and topped the book room to teach Muslim orphans . Includes the southern facade of the entrance way , which is built with a tri- crowned Warbler lobular . It contains the entrance door in the middle, and leads to the entrance way , and the book, The areas surrounding ; Valsrig . And water-dispensing room square-shaped , and has three windows of Zbel , and the walls of the room are covered from the inside Bakachani blue , while the floor of the marble tops .. and water-dispensing room book contains a portico and breakers of wood cone. The door is covered in colored marble fountain, and carries inscriptions written with the name of the builder and the date of construction