Mosque of Sultan pro

Proceeded Sultan pro q inception year 818 AH = 1415 and completed the year 823 AH = 1420 , oversees the whole Bugeth main street Moez Ledin Allah to the left of the inside of the door Zewela , consists Mosque of Sultan pro dish in the center is open and surrounded by four corridors , the largest and deepest is the gallery kiss the direction of prayer , and its walls are covered in colored marble to the level of the mihrab.

And minarets built over the twin towers of the door Zewela , each at three levels of engraved and bobble . The mosque has four interfaces, which are the main east ; There the main entrance at the northern end of the ladder and has a double door towering marble attired .
The dome of the mosque Vensal them through the door to the left of the entrance vestibule , built with stone and colored marble floor . The dome includes two tombs ; and one of the pro- Sheikh Sultan , and the other to his sons