Mosque of al Hakim

The mosque was built in 380 AH / 990 AD during the reign of the Fatimid Aziz Bellah , which began in the year 379 AH / 989 AD , who died before the completion Votmh son Hakim 403 e therefore attributed to him and became known as the Mosque of the ruling .</p>
<p>The mosque was initially located outside the northern wall of the building , which was built with bricks essence , but within days it became Caliph al-Mustansir , after the vizier Badr al-Jamali expand Cairo and became North sticks to the wall perfectly North wall of the mosque . The total length of 120.5 meters and a mosque display 113 meters, the second mosque in Cairo broadened after the Mosque of Ibn Tulun .<br />There mosque minarets and surrounded by bases superpowers Hermetan shape, composed each base of cubic override each other and the cube upper Subject to the back a little above the bottom , and a recent rise high walls of the mosque and stand out from each of the cube Alawites octagonal minaret In the middle of this waterfront between the minarets no entrance Whole archaeological it is the first entrance of a prominent built in the mosque , covered cellar cylindrical currently 3.48 meters and a length of 5.50 meters and in the end the door currently 2.21 meters and pinned to hold a horizontal stone and this decade and the wall is located where the newly construction and is found in the entrance on the right and on the left the remains of inscriptions exquisite height of 1.60 meters .<br />Leads the mosque entrance to the courtyard , which is surrounded by Alawawin , which is on the following order : Iwan South East ( Ioan direction ) consists of five corridors offset by Iwan northwestern consists of two arcades and iwans North -east and south-west and each consisting of three aisles , and there are at both ends of the qibla wall Mahmoltan domes on octagonal dome and there is a third above the mihrab .