Mosque and Madrasa of Sultan plum

This mosque is situated Street Moez Ledin Allah camellias between the school and the Mosque of al-Nasir Muhammad , established by Sultan al-Zahir Abu Saeed plum years 786-788 AH = 1384-1386 AD , the first rule of the Crown of the Circassian Mamluk Egypt . This mosque was built on the school system with orthogonal planning is a component of an open courtyard surrounded by four iwans .
Meant architect – son Tulunid – plotting and formatting , dividing Ewan direction into three sections and covered the middle section of which the roof of a flat ornaments carvings gilded beautiful and separated from the side sections by two rows of huge columns and drape the walls of the iwan Buserh of colored marble adorned the altar of marble flour restaurant lobes of coincidences It also brushes colored marble floor graphics proportionate The iwans other three are covered by vaults arched , the largest of the western opposite Ewan using the built basement of red stone and white in the form of a decorative beautiful and neat this iwans doors opposite leads east first ones to knock arrive at the lobby entrance ‘s public mosque and lead the East the second corresponding to the dome. The doors of the mosque were coated blinds door outside of which plates of copper with partitions Engineering ornate an example of the doors of the Mosque of Sultan Hassan and Qlaon and others , and the interior doors were coated wide mystery at the center of the copper hollow forms decorative surrounded by the four corners of the copper vacuum also Boallagha and bottom Azaran Nhacean written by the originator of the name and the date of construction