EL Fakahany Mosque

The history of the mosque Fakahany – Whole proudest previously – to the sixth century AH ( atheist century AD) ,

The mosque is located at the head of a hot foot monsters Street Moez Ledin Allah , has established the old mosque Caliph victorious Nasrallah Iboualemansour Ismail bin Hafiz Din Allah Abu Abdul Majeed bin it auspicious to the provisions of God 543 years HJ ” 1148 ” ..
The mosque was suspended (ie, the layer devoted to shops stopped origin Ali mosque and the servant who reads it) .
At the end of the ninth century and the beginning of the fifteenth century AD Bzachrvath Me and Prince pinned his building Mehdi Ben .. and removed from around the groves had obscured his vision in the year 1148 AH, ” 1736 AD ” This new mosque Prince Ahmed Katakhda .
The mosque has two doors west of the sea and to climb through some of the steps leading up to the home where the overlying plate engraved ceiling , in the middle of an octagonal platform and surrounded by four iwans largest iwan east ..
They all feature a simple , there are no inscriptions or her overalls marble mihrab it .. The marble flour.
The contract and Touachiha ” any aspect surrounding the contract ,” all of the tiles and Ttosth Trabieh reading ” God wills ” .. and mihrab in the box surrounded by a cladding round of tiles .