EL Aqmar Mosque

EL Aqmar a smaller mosques in Cairo , but an architectural masterpiece authentic , which is the only mosque , which decreases the level above the ground , the first collector parallel fronted line organizing the street instead of being parallel to the dish that in order to become the direction taken in their proper position and this we find that inside the mosque deflector for interface .
Is created Caliph Ahkam Allah Abu Ali Mansour bin Musta’li , and ordered his minister safe Bataúhy to supervise the construction and finished its construction in 1125 , and the name of the caliph and his minister safe on the main facade of the mosque .. has been established mosque Balnhacen in place of an old monastery called Deir bones ” or bone ” near the sites of the Fatimid palaces , was called by that name because of the white color of the stones that resemble the color of the moon.
Consists of the whole of a small dish square area of ten square meters almost surrounded by a gallery of one of the three aspects of the three corridors in the south-east side of any in Ewan direction , and contracts corridors adorned with inscriptions keffiyeh decorated and mounted on marble columns old with rules cast and crowns different .
In the view of the entrance to the mosque for the first time in the architecture of mosques decade stained which spread in Mamluk architecture in the fifteenth century AD , and over this decade, there is the contract a Persian origin of the fan-shaped surrounding a circle at its center , and the most important feature in the design of combined use of stalactites have not used before but in the minaret of a mosque Goyoushy , such patterning , which uncle spread almost all Islamic architecture after this mosque .