About Elmoez Street

Street is Moez Ledin Allah – the largest open-air museum of the effects of the Islamic world – in the region of Al-Azhar in Cairo, Fatimid Cairo or goats , in addition to that shrine archaeological and tourist commercial market , it is frequented by hundreds of thousands a day. Street date back to the year 969 AD any since the establishment of Fatimid Cairo , which is bordered by the door and the door of victory Fotouh north , and the street door of the minister to the south , and the street and study the remains of the walls of Cairo to the east , west and Port Said Street .

Includes street Moez Ledin Allah Fatimid on a range of effects and values of planning and architecture dating back to the group ages succession since established Fatimid Cairo and across the era of the Umayyad and Mamluk , Mamluks Circassians , a medieval period , which extends from the tenth century until the sixteenth century AD and then the Turkish rule and who succeeded also many of the architectural elements and historic buildings . Named after the street of that name relative to the ” Moez Ledin Allah ” Fatimid Caliph who sent the captain , ” Jawhar ” to Egypt in 358 AH – 969 AD ;

Egypt has become since that date until the year 567 AH –1,171 m under Fatimid rule . Street extends Moez Ledin Allah Fatimid Fotouh from the door through the area coppersmiths , then the Khan el-Khalili , REGION goldsmiths then broken street essence Commander ( Northwind ) , and then broken through the region of Al-Azhar Street Ghoureya and Alvhamin , then Alley providers and sugary to end up at the door Zewela .